In Residence

Bronx Academy of Letters is proud to host a growing program of Artists-in-Residence. What began as a Writers-in-Residence program in 2003 has now expanded to include two writers-in-residence, two actors-in-residence, a musician-in-residence and an activist-in-residence.



For 14 years, Bronx Academy of Letters has hosted a vibrant Writer in Residence program. Underscoring the importance of literacy and writing, the Writer In Residence program leverages the expertise of working authors to bring an authentic contemporary writing experience to all students.

Through elective classes, students sparked by writing dive deep in the art forms of poetry and nonfiction, creating The Raven and One Pen, student-driven magazine and literary journal publications. All students are served by our Writers Forum, which brings professional authors five times per year for rich assembly experiences.

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IntegrateNYC4me is a youth led initiative to transform NYC schools from a system of separate unequal schools to a system of equitable, integrated, supportive learning communities. IntegrateNYC4me facilitates youth generated research, advocacy, and action to address the 3 R's of integration: racial and socioeconomic enrollment, resource allocation, and relationships across group identities. IntegrateNYC4me students have engaged their work with with student activists from all five boroughs, local public officials, activists, and the US Department of Education. IntegrateNYCme was founded in 2014 by Bronx Letters students Samantha Ramos, Timothy Martinez, Justin Minaya, Britney Soto, Julyssa Cruz, and Francisco Cornejo as a 10th grade advisory project. Today IntegrateNYC4me is led by a city-wide youth council representing thousands of students around NYC.