The end of every school year at Bronx Letters culminates in Exhibitions. For BAL students, exhibitions is the opportunity to showcase their research, writing, and speaking and listening skills. Each exhibition has a research-based writing component, as well as panel presentation to a variety of judges from the school and the community. The content of each project is based upon the major learning of the grade. 


The goals of these project are to:

  • Strengthen student understanding of social justice issues by building spaces where students can advocate for themselves and their communities in meaningful ways.

  • Continually develop student understanding of BAL’s core values and how they apply to our community.

  • Provide opportunities for interdisciplinary learning experiences that build character and strengthen student’s research, writing, and speaking & listening skills.

  • Create spaces to celebrate student learning, reflection.

Exhibition Themes for 2018-19
Grade Level 9

Grade Level 10

Grade Level 11

Grade Level 12
Choosing to Participate: