Behind the Book


Behind the Book’s mission is to inspire New York City public school students to love reading by bringing accomplished authors and their books into classrooms and creating rich, innovative literacy programs. Recently, we had the author of "Separate is Never Equal" join some of our 7th graders and discuss themes in the book that resonate with our students.



Students across our middle school take part in an interactive, 21st independent reading program called LightSail. This program allows each student to read on their own iPad and utilize their own personal account (which allows them to create their own passwords and “profiles”). Although a complex program, LightSail is mainly comprised of three main components: Independent Reading, Assessment and Progress Tracking. Student reading gains have shown significant improvements in comprehension, retention and stamina. As many of our students arrive below grade level, LightSail is an important tool in moving student reading and identifying appropriate texts for our scholars.